Where Every Record is Unique

This new record club offers an exciting opportunity to acquire some of the most sought after recordings of the last century. And in addition offers an opportunity to collect a uniquely crafted object.

Now, in order to introduce you to this unique record club here are a few facts about our records and how to get them delivered straight to your door.



This club differs from other record clubs of the past and present. Let me explain:

The individual song selections chosen for each edition are first selected from a vintage 78rpm record collection (by a collector who chooses to remain anonymous). These selections are then newly lathe cut onto original, unused blank acetate home recording discs that were popular in the 40s and 50s. Each record will be single-sided, one song per disc. The edition sizes vary and are dependent on the availability of the vintage discs and refer to the number of acetate discs produced. Each item offered will be documented and displayed here on our site.


Each CD is unique. The CDs have a larger selection of songs (approximately 20) in the tradition of the mix tape. Each is housed in a singularly constructed and illustrated 12” sleeve. The CD compilations are random selections from the above anonymous collection and have individual track listings reproduced on the back of each sleeve. These listening CDs are being made available here for the first time and more will be listed as the collection grows.


Each record and each CD comes in a unique jacket made by the artist behind this club. The sleeves are designed with a mixed media, collage approach using color photocopies, stamps, markers, found photos, etc., so there will never be two jackets that are alike in any of the three sizes (7”, 10” or 12”). Just as there is a collection of songs and labels to be had, there is also a collection of original record sleeves. Each jacket is signed by the artist.


Membership is open to anyone and everyone who has found their way to this site. When you become a subscriber to the club, simply by submitting your email below (your contact information is kept strictly within the files of the club), we will offer you a continuing selection of limited edition, handmade, lathe-cut records and specially packaged CDs, all produced exclusively for the ES Record Club. Here there are no membership fees, no contracts and no agreements for future purchases. Just buy what you want, when you want, from the ever-changing selections posted on this site. These offerings are only available from the ES Record Club and each is a one-time offer. Once an item is sold out, it cannot be repeated.


The sound quality of the ESRC records and CDs varies. Bear in mind, the recordings are all transferred from 78rpm records, which in some cases are pushing 100 years old. They were found in junk stores, estate sales, record stores and personal collections and each record is in a different condition. Recording techniques, record pressing methods, materials used in production, the type of turntable they were played on, the type of needle that was used, how many times they were played, how they were stored, etc. all give these records a unique sound. That sound is reproduced here without any adulteration, so enjoy…or don’t, but you know you are getting the sound as you would if you were collecting 78s yourself.

Have a look at the photos and if anything about the club or the editions needs clarification, contact us at elsegundorecordclub@gmail.com.

Thanks, and again, welcome to the ES Record Club.